About the Sakila Database

What is the sakila database?

Sakila is a sample database schema provided by Oracle as an example of a database that can be configured in MySQL.

What tables make up the sakila database?

The database contains the following tables:

  1. actor
  2. address
  3. category
  4. city
  5. country
  6. customer
  7. film
  8. film_actor
  9. film_category
  10. inventory
  11. language
  12. payment
  13. rental
  14. staff
  15. store

How can I load a copy of the sakila database?

Please visit this site which contains the Sakila Installation Instructions

About GenHelm

What is GenHelm?

GenHelm is a web framework and integrated code generation environment used to build robust websites in a fraction of the time needed to create sites from scratch.

How does GenHelm work?

GenHelm is based on the premise that all websites require core capabilities and that standard components can be aggregated to form virtually any type of site.

Generators (called Models) are what make GenHelm so powerful. These models gather input from the developer to automate the building of web pages and other components.

Unlike other tools, that generate code to be maintained by hand, the code generated by the GenHelm models never needs to be modified. Changes to the code is affected by changing the parameters to the model.

GenHelm also allows for custom code to supplement the generated code. This entire Sakila demo application was implemented with less than 100 lines of custom PHP code.

Do I need to be a programmer to use GenHelm?

No, designers can certainly build brochure style sites without any programming. These sites can even include simple forms.

One of GenHelm's strengths is making it easy to build complex forms. If your forms require a lot of validation and processing, this would generally require someone with some programming skills.

Where can I find out more about GenHelm?

Please visit genhelm.com